Our business is now operating normally albeit adhering fully to the Government guidance on COVID-19. Our offices remain closed for public access with all services accessible remotely. Protocols are in place for safe working during this period, details of which will be made clear to all who interact with us.


Or does it? Steps are being taken by the Chancellor to replace the furlough scheme with help to business although there will continue to be debate about targeting assistance where it is most needed (economically) but it is serious when the Chancellor decides, as he has, to cancel the budget due in November. Cancelling or at least postponing a budget… Read more

Gp Surgery and Pharmacy Secured as Anchor Tenant for Mill Regeneration

Hartley Property Trust Ltd has agreed a deal with Colne Valley Group Practice to occupy 6,000 sq ft of ground floor space at The Globe Slaithwaite, near Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. A lease has been agreed over 15 years at competitive rates for both the Practice and the Pharmacy. The Practice is to relocate its GP surgery and pharmacy from existing… Read more

Ready Steady Go!

So at the point of writing we are near enough 8 weeks into the lockdown and we have a conditional route map to our new reality whatever that is going to be. The statistics are mind boggling and the tragedies numbing. Others can crawl over the wreckage in due course (that has already started) but we have to look forward…. Read more

ENERGY PERFORMANCE IN COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS (A subject to thrill or if not to thrill, have careful regard to)

In the world of valuing, buying, selling and letting non-domestic property it is increasingly important to understand the energy performance of commercial buildings and to understand the trend of where regulations are going. (Stay awake at the back there). The commercial property world has been relatively sleepy both before and since the Energy Act of 2011 but as of 1st… Read more

BREXIT – Good or Bad for property?

I was asked, again, the other day whether I thought that property values are likely to be affected by the Brexit result. All property, that is land and the built environment means the entire land mass of the UK so the question is a big one. “Brexit result”; well we don’t have one yet but three years into the process,… Read more

Property Values; Up or down?

As the new Laurel and Hardy film was released last Friday it seems particularly apposite to quote Oliver Hardy; “Well here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten us into”. Actually, this is a misquote. The correct quote is: “Well, here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten me into”. Either will do right now seeing the chaos being displayed in the House of… Read more


As the clocks have gone back and dark evenings are upon us it will be Christmas before we know it and then having endured the 4 months of gloom we will be smack into March and Brexit. I recall the last almost worldwide panic as we approached the Millennium as in the Millennium Bug and the possible effect of the… Read more

Brexit and rash decisions don’t affect underlying confidence

We had a deal cancelled at the point of signature last week.  All the reasons for completing the contract remain; the rent and terms is fine, the size is what is required and the location was perfect.  The reason given was that (if true) the company’s accountant had advised that because of Brexit they should find somewhere to buy. “No… Read more

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