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Are we to play by the rules?

Invoking the Great Repeal Bill (the word “Great” will never appear in the eventual Act) should be simple enough and easily doable in the allotted time.  Deciding what will be debunct thereafter may take a generation in that it has taken a generation to get to this point. Having said that; will it?  Many of the EU standards and regulations… Read more


Politically naïve Theresa May is not.  She has done well so far under some of the most demanding circumstances of the last 50 years.  She will have to both “dodge a bullet” and “catch a falling knife” in order to bring the U.K through to a positive and stable position in Europe and beyond, but her new industrial policy is… Read more

Huddersfield Examiner Business Awards 2016

The Examiner Business Awards on the evening of 3 November were a success as always and again compared by Harry Gration this year. We sponsored the Community Award which this year went to Syngenta.     

Business Rates Appeals 2017

usiness Rating Appeals 2017 Business Rates in the UK are levied on most non-domestic property.  Also, all business occupying space, pay rates; or more accurately, tax. The Government has to raise a given amount of tax through Business Rates in any one year but because it is based upon an assessment of notional rental value reassessed from time time (typically… Read more

Ed Clancy Lunch – 10 November 2016

We had a very entertaining and informative Partners Forum lunch at John Smith’s Stadium last week.  Other than the great setting overlooking the pitch from the Fantastic Media Suite the main attraction was Ed Clancy, the triple gold medal winner in track cycling, one from each of the last three Olympics.  As the quality of cycling in other nation states… Read more

Has the last 3 months been a phony war?

The phony war is over so they say.  The Prime Minister has taken some of the uncertainty out of Brexit by confirming that Article 50 will be exercised by the end of March 2017.  Stormy waters ahead? The Prime Minister’s declaration and the increasing rhetoric coming from Liam Fox and others suggesting a “hard Brexit” has had the immediate effect… Read more

Working with the Backdrop of Seismic Events – July 2016

A week certainly was an interminably long time in politics.  Seismic events have been taking place at every turn following the Brexit vote.  Like it or not, in one form or another, we are on the way out; Brexit means Brexit – whatever that means and by the time this gets published it may mean something different from what we… Read more

Remain or Leave

In 1973 the UK joined the European Economic Community (EEC) or Common Market. In 1975 we voted to stay in the Common Market. In 2016 we are to vote on whether to stay in the European Union. The EU is not the same institution as the EEC or Common Market. We have moved from a trading block to a situation… Read more

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