Has the last 3 months been a phony war?

The phony war is over so they say.  The Prime Minister has taken some of the uncertainty out of Brexit by confirming that Article 50 will be exercised by the end of March 2017.  Stormy waters ahead? The Prime Minister’s declaration and the increasing rhetoric coming from Liam Fox and others suggesting a “hard Brexit” has had the immediate effect… Read more

Working with the Backdrop of Seismic Events – July 2016

A week certainly was an interminably long time in politics.  Seismic events have been taking place at every turn following the Brexit vote.  Like it or not, in one form or another, we are on the way out; Brexit means Brexit – whatever that means and by the time this gets published it may mean something different from what we… Read more

Remain or Leave

In 1973 the UK joined the European Economic Community (EEC) or Common Market. In 1975 we voted to stay in the Common Market. In 2016 we are to vote on whether to stay in the European Union. The EU is not the same institution as the EEC or Common Market. We have moved from a trading block to a situation… Read more


Leading West Yorkshire property company Frank Marshall Estates has bought a prime development site in Huddersfield from Mamas & Papas for an undisclosed sum. The 2.73 acre site is situated next to the headquarters of Mamas & Papas in Colne Bridge Road, just off the main A62 Leeds Road and close to Junction 25 of the M62. Mark Hanson of… Read more

Know What You are Buying

My tennis partner, last Tuesday, reminded me of John Keats’ often quoted opening line from his poem Endymion after I played a particularly good backhand, ‘a thing of beauty is a joy forever’, he said.  He may have been exaggerating a touch and Keats was actually referring to something other than tennis but it did go to show that descriptions… Read more

Weathering Storms

The weather has been atrocious.  The good folk of West Yorkshire and those along the River Calder and Leeds particularly have suffered significantly, especially over Christmas and the New Year and for months following.  Chucking out the old, negotiations with insurers, drying out and then putting back ones life takes months but in the meantime uncertainties prevail and sadness at… Read more

Genuine Optimism for 2016

With less than two weeks to Christmas, I got the call for my December article from the publisher. Demands from our clients are high with pending transactions and agreements being under pressure to be completed by Christmas and I have to write an article! What is it about Christmas and this particular date to have to have things done by?… Read more

The Valuation was the problem

We’ve all heard that before. A deal, be it a house sale or a factory falls through because the valuer down-valued it causing the bank to revise (or retract) its offer of a loan. Really? Did the valuer down-value the building to such an extent that it was the sole cause of deal failure? As a valuer for more than… Read more

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