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Change Is The Only Constant

Heraclitus of Ephesus told us that “change is the only constant”.  Some things which seem permanent change imperceptively, other things change before our eyes but the phrase “change is the only constant” is the observation which is quickly followed by “adapt and survive” which is its consequence.

Take the Piece Hall in Halifax.  Opened on New Years Day 1779 and so named for merchants to display their cloth in the 315 rooms dedicated and designed for the purpose.  Within 26 years it saw its first adaptation with a change to the way cloth was sold.  A firework display took place in 1816, balloon ascent from the square in 1824 and concerts started in 1831.  A colourful and even baleful period of hard use and in no small measure neglect followed with a risk of demolition in the mid 20th century but following its listing in 1972 £350,000 was raised for its renovation.  It is so highly valued now as being judged a world heritage site following further and more extensive renovation costing £19million in 2017 (it cost £8,400 to build).  It has become a centrepiece of Halifax’s cultural and commercial centre being likened to any of the finest piazza’s in Italy.

Yorkshire folk, in my experience, are conservative with a small “c”; they don’t like change but when it becomes necessary they are realistic and accept it being as it almost always is, for the greater good.

The loss of our heavy woollen and large scale textile industries, the engineering which supported it and the mining industry too were all inevitable, in hindsight, if very painful but these losses too were for the greater long term good.

Having seen change and progression in my own family I understand the benefits and sometimes necessity of change and are very happy to embrace it.

And so I come to the point of the article; after 29 years Hanson Chartered Surveyors is growing up.  Change is taking place.  We moved offices 3 ½ years ago to accommodate expansion and latterly carried out interviews to provide for further growth, particularly on the Estate Management side but came to the conclusion that combining our resources with another firm would provide a depth of expertise not seen for a generation in Huddersfield if the right partner could be identified.

We didn’t have to look far.  One phone call to David Heap at Walker Singleton is what it took because like me, David and his partners could see the obvious benefits for our clients.  So in June 2018 the wind of change is upon us and the teams at Walker Singleton and Hanson Chartered Surveyors in Leeds, Bradford, Halifax and Huddersfield are looking forward to applying their combined resources for the benefit of our own enlarged client base across the spectrum of industrial, commercial and retail property in West Yorkshire.

The change may not be imperceptible but it will be for the good.


Mark S Hanson FRICS

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