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Ed Clancy Lunch – 10 November 2016

We had a very entertaining and informative Partners Forum lunch at John Smith’s Stadium last week.  Other than the great setting overlooking the pitch from the Fantastic Media Suite the main attraction was Ed Clancy, the triple gold medal winner in track cycling, one from each of the last three Olympics.  As the quality of cycling in other nation states has improved in the last 10 years, the gap between GB and the rest of the world is tightening all the time to the extent that Ed rated the satisfaction of winning the gold in Rio against Australia in the 4 man pursuit higher than all his other medals put together.

He spoke for around an hour and had to eat a previously warm lunch cold due to the number of questions he was very happy to answer on all aspects from marginal gains to sports psychology (control of the three brains, and especially the monkey brain).  Top man.  Thanks Ed.

Thanks again too to Gareth Davies and his staff at KSDL for arranging this great format event and for the opportunity of sponsoring it.


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