Our business is now operating normally albeit adhering fully to the Government guidance on COVID-19. Our offices remain closed for public access with all services accessible remotely. Protocols are in place for safe working during this period, details of which will be made clear to all who interact with us.

Ready Steady Go!

So at the point of writing we are near enough 8 weeks into the lockdown and we have a conditional route map to our new reality whatever that is going to be. The statistics are mind boggling and the tragedies numbing. Others can crawl over the wreckage in due course (that has already started) but we have to look forward. We will work out the practicalities until a vaccine is produced (the capacity of a double decker bus may shrink from 75 to 18) and pay for it as we did WWII over more than a generation (final payment made under Tony Blair)

Will we pop out or ooze out of the apocalypse? What will be the state of business with warnings of massive business failure? The High Street was already suffering, what next? What of pubs, clubs, and theatre? Lockdown and remote working has given the environment a boost. It has also shown how many of us can work well without the need to commute quite so much. Working savvy will become increasingly important.

But we are in Yorkshire. The Northern provinces have suffered massively over the last 50 years with seismic changes to industry and working practices generally. Since these changes, the North has recovered and weathered many disappointments and setbacks but we are hardened to change and expect it which puts us in a good place as we emerge.

Sure there will be failures but also opportunities. The Northern Powerhouse is very much alive and we are told by Downing Street that the pandemic has made the capital investment in rail and communications generally all the more relevant and important. This puts us four-square in the cross hairs for private as well as public sector investment.

The doomsayers will still be out there with their certainty that we will be in a miserable state indefinitely but they will be in the minority of those I know. Most are busting a gut to get back at it.

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